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Snuff It #1

The Boggle Factor

by C.G.Dover

At a party not long ago, someone asked me: "What do you do?" I replied: "I am the warden of Devil's Island." A joke, dear reader, and an example of the boggle factor.

There are certain statements which seem inherently unbelievable: "There was no Holocaust," for example. "Bill Clinton will lower taxes." Etc. etc. Having established some degree of definition, we now take up the much-discussed matter of UFO abductions. A Harvard professor, my dear friends, has weighed in on the subject. One John E. Mack, M.D., on the staff of The Cambridge Hospital, has contributed to the discussion ABDUCTION (Human Encounters With Aliens). At the behest of "Snuff It" I have read this book carefully, even taking detailed notes on the first two chapters. I confess myself much boggled. Take note of the fact that the book costs $22.00 plus tax, and that it is published by Scribners.

The status of UFO literature is peculiar. Many books are privately published, and never reach, or somehow vanish from the commercial publishing scene. Looking over Dr. Mack's four pages of bibliography, I see many references to obscure texts. I also see huge gaps -- or so it would appear -- in his preparation. There is no mention of the quintessential study The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel. Also Messengers of Deception, by Jacques Vallee, a research report of the highest relevance, seems to have been missed.

Dr. Mack's book does have its points to make, however. I would advise my indulgent friends and readers to set aside some time to visit your local library or bookselling establishment, to take down "Abduction" from the shelves, and to skim over the first two chapters. You will find such observations as these:

Page 9 -- "The experience of internalizing what is first perceived as external light happens frequently during mystical flashes or transcendental journeys that result in spiritual rebirth."

Comment: Spiritual rebirth is a favorite theme of the "abductees" or "experiencers." Past lives are often explored by the humans together with the aliens, so Dr. Mack suggests.

Page 20 -- "I might be open to the possibility that our consensus framework of reality is too limited and that a phenomenon such as this cannot be explained within its ontological parameters."

Comment: Dr. Mack almost seems to believe that he is writing a study of ontology, "The science or study of being; that department of metaphysics which relates to the being or essence of things, or to being in the abstract." (Oxford English Dictionary)

To give the author his due, he has done a great deal of work to support his clients and co-investigators, the "experiencers." There are thirteen chapters of the book devoted to fairly comprehensive accounts of individual cases.

One claim of Dr. Mack's which I would like to challenge is the repetitiously and vaguely stated view that the aliens, or visitors, or trans-dimensionals are greatly concerned with the "environment." While he presents personal statements to reflect this view, he cites no credible study which supports such a notion. There is no mention of such obviously important matters as: (1) soil erosion, (2) oxygen-exchanging organisms, (3) non-polluting energy generators, (4) wasteful over-consumption, etc.

If the reader is intrigued by this concept of human/alien interaction (using the terms on the cover of the book), then go ahead and read also David Jacobs' SECRET LIFE: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions. Maybe even track down Leah Haley's "Lost Was The Key" or Whitley Strieber's "Communion Letter." The reader will find a range of views wider than those expressed by Dr. Mack.

Let me conclude this review with a brief summary of a recent report on a study by the Environmental Protection Agency, a department of the wonderfully resourceful and much-respected United States government. I am borrowing from an article by Richard Sauder in the recent "UFO, a forum on extraordinary theories and phenomena" Vol. 9, No. 2 1994.

Sauder cites a document: "U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, The Containment of Underground Nuclear Explosions, OTA-ISC-414 (Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, October, 1989).

"What can be said for certain is that in recent years the United States government has had an extensive human and animal surveillance and monitoring program..." This program has one of its principal bases near the Nevada Test Site, (*see note) at the Environmental Systems Monitoring Laboratory at U. of Nevada-Las Vegas. The human tests include a "whole-body count."

By coincidence your reviewer has had several whole-body count tests performed upon his person at M.I.T., under the auspices of the Nutrition Department. These tests involve removing all clothing, donning sterile garments, and sitting quite still inside a concrete box for 15 plus minutes. Oh Yes, you must drink some radio-nuclide fluid (just a few cc's) some time before the test.

Well, readers and friends and associates, I have tried to spare you as much boggling as I could. I hope that these two pages have not been a waste of your time. As for Dr. Mack's book, I would definitely recommend that you wait for the paperback edition, or procure a copy from the library. I spent the $22.00 plus tax, and quite frankly, I doubt that it's worth more than $5.00.

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