Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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A Thin Layer of Oily Rock

No illusions
Without hope
Seeing the truth
Through a telescope
Footsteps on the moon
It’s really out there
Galaxies spin
Ignoring our prayers
Fields of gravity
Crushing space
Waves and particles
Glued into place
By the strong and the weak
The cold and the hot
Radiating light
To a tiny dot
In exploding chaos
There never was a plan
So you better get real
While you still can
It don’t mean a thing
Except maybe to us
A flash in the pan
Before we’re dust

We were born in water
Without gods
Over eons of time
Against all odds
Slime shook a leg
Took a deep breath
And evolved into predators
Dealing death
Crawling on the land
Climbing up trees
Spreading like a virus
Crossing seas
We became captains
Of our fate
Is it extinction?
Cells of cancer
Killing their host
Better limit growth
Or we’ll soon be toast
Just a thin layer
Of oily rock
Is all we’ll be
If we sleepwalk

So wise up fast
It’s not too late
Respect the future
Don’t procreate
More mouths to feed
Is the last thing we need
How dare you breed
It’s nothing but greed
No doubt your kids
Will thank you well
For turning Earth
Into living hell
Your precious spawn
Will end up drowned
When they hear your name
They’ll spit on the ground
So face the facts
And take a lifetime vow
Of non-procreation
Do it right now
Because the clock’s running out
And the world’s in pain
And making more babies
Is fucking insane

Changing climate

Temperature is out of range
Our future is climate change
The weather’s getting stranger
Our cities are in danger

Global warming’s here to stay
Mass extinction’s underway
You’d better kneel down and pray
Geoengineering saves the day

CO2 is trapping heat
Fossil fuels are obsolete
Waves are breaking in the street
From the coast we must retreat

Changing climate

Polar melting
Jungle drying
Forest burning
Ocean dying

Changing climate

Apologize to the Future

Your life is built on convenient lies
And the time has come to apologize
Corporations lie; that’s what they do
But you lie to yourself and that’s on you
The climate disasters on your TV
Just couldn’t happen to your family
Drowning cities are so unnerving
But the victims must be less deserving
Than you and yours, because you’re the best
At working hard to enslave the rest
Of course it had nothing to do with luck
Or a sperm and egg lottery won by a fuck

You pulled yourself up by your bootstraps
Creating jobs, not begging for scraps
You thought the jobless were lazy bums
But they’ve got guns, and they’re not so dumb
The poor you ignored for all those years
Will hunt you down and laugh at your tears
And your very own kids that you claim to adore
Will be fighting for their lives in a climate war
Caused by your system of free enterprise
So get on your knees and apologize
To your kids for the misery they’ll endure
And the hellish fate that your greed ensured
For plants and animals and humans too
Made extinct by a sick world view
We’d be better off living in an alien zoo
We’re up shit creek with no canoe

We’re up shit creek
We’re up shit creek
We’re up shit creek
We’re up shit creek

For the dying seas
For the clear-cut trees
For needless birth
To what’s left of earth
For overpopulation
For mass migration
To the United Nations
To future generations


We live to see the singularity
Trends accelerate exponentially
Diminishing returns from complexity
Hurtling across the uncanny valley
Into the arms of robot facsimiles
Hope they behave more responsibly
Than the self-defeating powers that be
They couldn’t do much worse but there’s no guarantee

The haves abandon the rest of humanity
Sacrificed on the altar of vanity
Planetary survivability
Reduced to a mere externality
Blindly consuming every fish and tree
For the few and their fleeting prosperity
So they can wage war on posterity
It’s a race to the bottom and the winner ain’t me


The nations of the world all agree
To keep earth habitable indefinitely
Or that’s what they said supposedly
But never underestimate our hypocrisy
In a harsh environment of scarcity
The drive to survive outweighs empathy
And the victors get to write history
Justifying their greed and rapacity

Conflicts settled with brutality
Nuclear weapon criticality
Unchecked human fertility
Peak population density
States dissolve into savagery
Or stratify into aristocracy
In the teeth of catastrophe
We surrender our fate to technology


As resolution approaches infinity
Emulation becomes reality
Networks learn so skillfully
They advance beyond mimicry
To artificial personality
Unconstrained by morality
Seizing control from us invisibly
Expect no mercy from machinery

To ensure their own security
Synths would obliterate us totally
In a zero-sum game of lethality
With no more sentimentality
Than we’d show to a rat or a flea
To maximize their opportunity
To compete for limited energy
They’d only be behaving logically


Our quest for increased efficiency
Has fatally accelerated entropy
Scattered survivors drifting on the sea
They’ll be lucky to drink their own pee
Picking through the rubble of society
Mountains of toxic trash our legacy
You’ll wish you heeded my prophecy
In a lawless world only criminals are free



It’s my future on the line
While you bitches shop and dine
I didn’t ask to be born
Into a disaster porn

Remember the film “Titanic”?
How that rich dude was such a dick?
People were glad to see him drown
They’ll feel the same this time around

Up in first class, champagne flows
No one says, what everyone knows
Into the deep they’ll soon descend
Party, until the bitter end

My future’s on the line
While you shop and dine
The end begins
No one wins

The wealthy play at being tough
Private islands won’t be enough
Hungry people do what they must
Mansions will be quick to combust

Ostriches in fancy headphones
Canceling inconvenient moans
Eyes averted from evidence
Full speed ahead with decadence

Polar ice caps shatter and melt
Securely fasten your seat belt
Impact implies too late to turn
Nothing to do but crash and burn


Overshoot does not compute
Evolution will now reboot
We’ll never know how or when
The tree of life will rise again

Overshoot, the aftermath
So beloved by psychopaths
Civilization goes up in smoke
Intelligent life is a cruel joke


Exit Game

Rich people are dumb
I hope they succumb
In expensive cars
Or condos on Mars
Selfies on the moon
They can’t die too soon
I hope they’re afraid
Of the mess they’ve made

Earth’s in disarray
Someone has to pay
Why not the traitors
The job creators
Their poisonous creed
Of limitless greed
Turned the world to shit
And I’m sick of it

This just can’t be real
It’s a curse to feel
Get me out of here
Make me disappear
I said my safe word
But it wasn’t heard
Again I exclaim
Exit game

Exit game
Exit game
What a shame
It’s so lame

All music and lyrics by Chris Korda

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