Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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Rev. Korda on "I Like to Watch"

by Marshall Dury for The Maine Campus (University of Maine)

What purpose is the video supposed to serve? Don't you find its message, as valid as it may be, a bit over the top/disgusting?

The video precisely expresses what I felt while watching the media coverage of the 9-11 attacks. I doubt that I'm the only person in the world who derived sexual gratification from watching two of America's tallest buildings being destroyed, but apparently I'm one of the very few who will publicly admit it. Karlheinz Stockhausen--considered by many to be the father of modern electronic music--called the attacks "the greatest work of art ever," and while I agree with him, he regrettably omits the sexual dimension. The endless replays of the plane penetrating the tower were unmistakably pornographic, complete with flames and debris spurting out in slow motion; even the Washington Post referred to the footage as a "money shot" and called it "our new porn" [12/31/2001, Page C1]. The towers were blatantly phallic, and their collapses resembled post-ejaculatory loss of erection.

Using the American flag to clean up "bodily excrements" seems hardly respectable towards America - are you anti-American? No or Yes, why?

The feelings that I experienced while watching the 9-11 attacks were primarily aesthetic and sexual. At the same time, on more intellectual level, I also experienced a feeling of satisfaction that Americans were getting killed for a change, but this was secondary and is therefore only a minor component of the video. "I Like to Watch" was primarily motivated by the extraordinary visual stimulus, and the sexual responses it induced in me. The aspect of political justice was almost an afterthought, and the critique of mass society's inherent voyeurism was also a secondary motivation.

I do however like your theory on over-population and some of the ways to thin out the "superfluous." Isn't suicide, however, simply a more-mild form of killing?

The Church of Euthanasia's official purpose is to restore balance between humans and the remaining non-humans, through voluntary population reduction. Each of our members takes a lifetime vow of non-procreation. While I personally do distinguish between murder and suicide, and directly assist only suicide, I encourage the free expression of all types of anti-humanism, including more militant views.

Would you preach these practices to a child at an early age? Do you recognize any harm in doing so?

I absolutely would--and do--preach the Church of Euthanasia to every man, woman, and child, provided they are capable of understanding me. I agree with Wilhem Reich that authoritarian society perpetuates itself in the structure of the nuclear family. Modern society strives to crush the sexual drive of all people, but especially of children, and it is therefore a sacred act to sabotage this process, by encouraging children to sexually explore themselves and each other, while simultaneously encouraging non-procreation, of course. To do this while simultaneously exposing the ugliness and hypocrisy of the human species is a laudable accomplishment.

Do you consider yourself "radical."

I consider myself a visionary. My mission is not to change society, because I don't believe this is possible. I communicate in order to leave behind an accurate record of my perceptions, which are shocking and unique because they evolve from an anti-human perspective. Like the French cleric and philosopher Jacques Ellul, who felt it was his duty to "bear witness to technological society," in all of its hideousness, I feel obligated to disseminate my simple vision: humans are stupid monkeys, and that's why there should be less of them.

Does the founder of this "church" have any kids?

You must be joking.

Does this church, in any way, belittle people?

The Church of Euthanasia is the world's only anti-human religion, and it therefore belittles people as a matter of principle. There's certainly no lack of opportunity.

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