Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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The Church of Euthanasia

e-sermon #4

Dear brethren, once again our e-sermon will be delivered by a distinguished guest. To many of you he will need no introduction. It is with the greatest pleasure that I give you the amazing $aint @ndrew, editor and campus chaplain of Miskatonic University! All hail Eris!

(microphone adjusting, howling feedback, etc.)

After reading the various material you've sent, I can only commend such an organization as yours. We've been favoring the concept of mass depopulation via voluntary actions (such as usage of birth control, acceptance of homo- and auto-sexuality, legalized euthanasia, and controlled state-sponsored suicide) for longer than our existence as an organized entity. The sermons and essays that you include in your outreach are well-written, thought-provoking, and intelligent. Your responses to letters and actions by those advocating INvoluntary population control are excellent as well. Keep up the good work! And fret not in the face of those who tell you to take your own advice. As I've been telling people for years: "Rest assured, I'll kill myself when I see you've fulfilled your part. I know I can trust myself to "put out the light", as Shakespeare would have it, but as for yourself, that I cannot trust."

Unfortunately, there are those that who can not understand that we are slowly choking ourselves by reproducing as quickly as we can. For those, we can only hope in showing them the errors of their ways.

I recommend you consider hailing such countries that have negative population growths. It's a step in the right direction, at least. If people MUST reproduce, urge them to have at the MOST two children. Having only one child would be even better, and those who willfully sterilize themselves should be rewarded. INvoluntary sterilization is a breach of their rights to propagate the species, but instead of punishing these people, perhaps simply rewarding those that sacrifice the ability to reproduce, or at least making it socially favorable for those that do would be a more socially friendly alternative.

Think: if all heterosexual couples limited themselves to raising one child and one child alone, population would decrease. It's not as drastic as may be needed, but if followed, could possibly eventually clear our quandary. This is strictly for those who feel they MUST have a child. (silly humans, them.)

For those that are heterosexual and can make the moral decision to not condemn another sentient being to existence (myself included), they follow your one (and very reasonable!) commandment to the hilt: THOU SHALT NOT REPRODUCE. These people should be rewarded for their moral decision.

For homosexuals and autosexuals, they should be encouraged in their decision, not treated in such the manner that they are now. Equal but different to their heterosexual, non-breeding cousins. Bisexuals should also be treated as equal, although any heterosexual activity should be treated with the same regards as a straight heterosexual couple.

Birth control (sometimes called "safe sex") should be available freely to the public. Usage of condoms, spermicide, diaphragms, and contraceptives for both male and female should be ritual for any time that the possibility of conception arises.

Abortion should be made legal. It's the woman's choice whether or not to give up her baby, of course, and while abortions should not become a form of birth control, it should be made available to women who want one, and such women that do become pregnant should be encouraged to have an abortion by making abortions affordable and hassle-free.

Euthanasia (or "mercy killing") should also not be looked down upon. A human that is incapable of living on his or her own resources due to some physical or mental incapability should have the right to choose not to burden any other person for no other purpose than to become a consuming machine. This choice should be made available first to the patient itself, and if the patient is incapable of making that decision, to the family or spouse, and if none of these are present, the medical staff's discretion.

Suicide should be performed with consideration. I liked your list of pointers on how to do it safely and kindly. It's a personal choice and should always be made a viable solution. Again, it should be a voluntary action.

Cannibalism, like all of these points, should ALSO be made legal. Good point on it being flesh already dead! Instead of burying the dead of our race in a way that the body is preserved, instead, let me propose that bodies of the dead should be cremated, buried in the ground so that the body can decompose quickly, donated to medical science, or broken down into its nutrients for use as food-stuffs. With food shortage being as it is, remember Benjamin Franklin: Waste not, want not!

Finally, the subject of sodomy. Such acts are illegal in most states right now, and as far as the justification of it goes: there is none. Acts such as masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, and anal penetration can be enjoyable experiences to those who indulge in them. The key thing is to do these acts in a situation where both partners are aware of what they are doing, and in an environment where they can be performed safely without risk of accidental pregnancy (and also spread of disease (*).

In other words, your solutions and platforms, if rationally explained, to the public, both make sense and are feasible as well as further the cause that we are aimed for: the eventual reduction of the population of humans on this planet. Good show for trying to tell the world before it's too late!

(*) Sexually Transmitted Diseases: If humans would simply follow the above points in a rational manner, the threat of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases would not exist. Unfortunately, as a race, we are dumb, ignorant beasts with no consideration other than simply gratifying our desires. Some may argue that such diseases are only helping us in our goal in depopulating the world to a comfortable level. I have to disagree solely on the reasoning that there COULD BE ANOTHER WAY...

Simply through careful regulation of reproduction, the Church of Euthanasia could ACHIEVE ITS GOALS WITHOUT EVEN ADVOCATING SUICIDE OR EUTHANASIA! So, even those that dare say that the CoE has no validation, HEED! If you're unwilling to kill yourself, at least have the courtesy to consider the other ways you can help achieve the Main Goal: that of Human Depopulation.

To supply you with a bit of background on our organization, OGYR NETWORK has been in existence since July of 1991. We've recently released our 20th issue, which has a grass-roots circulation of approximately 1000 copies per issue. OGYR NETWORK is our bi-monthly completely self-produced non-profit prophet oriented magazine that serves a triple function of supplying a forum for SubGenius related writings and artwork, a comprehensive music/multi-media review magazine that centers on "alternative" music, and also as a platform for other small press and small enterprise organizations to advertise and promote their product through us. Our latest issue (Series III, Issue IV) hailed in at 30 8.5"x11" pages of the above. Our circulation on the last issue alone has covered 18 states and 4 countries, and cumulatively 47 states and 7 countries (so, in other words, word of us gets around). We're currently sold in 3 stores, and have been reviewed favorably in numerous magazines including Fact Sheet 5, Holy Temple Of Mass Consumption, The Stark Fist of Removal, Industrial Nation, Dark Angel, and Diabolical Creations.

We also have a BBS that is run by a local affiliate of OGYR NETWORK, which features fringe literature and religious texts of all sorts available for immediate download. As of now, both e-sermons and both issue 1 and 2 of Snuff-It have been available on this BBS (called MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY, named after the H.P. Lovecraft school of the same name) as soon as I received them in email. As of now, I believe these files have been downloaded in the vicinity of 50 times or so each, so again, word about you is already being spread by us. MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY can be dialed at (815) 722 - 1081 from 1200 to 14.4k baud.

$aint @ndrew, Editor and campus chaplain of Miskatonic University
Pope Rev. Dr. Phrederick Quetzacoatl Armageddon, Asst. Editor
Ogyr Network
Chicago Church of the SubGenius Clench
Local Discordian Cabal of the Greater Chicago Area
Campus Crusade for Cthulhu, Joliet and Chicago
Sacramenstrual Church of the SubGenius
Erisian Movement of Creative Anarcho-Art
Babble On Enterprises
Contact: OGYR NETWORK ($2 cash for sample issue)
snail: PO BOX 53 | PLAINFIELD, IL. 60544
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