Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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The Church of Euthanasia

e-sermon #6

When the white devils first arrived in what is now the United States, the population consisted of approximately 1 million highly evolved and deeply spiritual people, in a state of harmony with the Earth that can hardly even be described in our language. You could drink from any flowing body of water, and there was enough food to last forever.

Now our water is so poisonous we are warned not swim in the rivers, let alone drink from them. Near the cities, the air is so poisonous that in the summer, we are advised to stay indoors, and avoid heavy exercise. We are drowning in own excrement, choking on our own filth. What will we do when the soil is barren, and the sun is so strong we can't go outside anymore? What will we do when even the bottled water is poisonous?

Whole nations are being left to starve to death, because there simply is not enough topsoil left to sustain them without disrupting the consumer economy. Even here, in the United States, in the belly of the beast, we are seeing widespread poverty, homelessness, and yes, even starvation. Who are these faceless, miserable people we pass on the street corners? What makes them different from us? Are they an inferior species, perhaps? Look into their eyes, deeply, and see yourself, see your future.

We are rapidly driving ourselves and the other animal and plant species that remain to extinction. So much catastrophic and irreparable damage has been done in so short a time that the "scientists" are unable to even catalog it all, let alone predict its effects. We are witnessing the complete, systematic destruction of a living being. Imagine the Earth as a giant cigar, and imagine yourself smoking it. Soon there will be only smoke, and ashes.

The important question is not whether, or how, humans are killing the Earth, but WHY. The Church of Euthanasia was founded to in order to publicize this question, and its true answer. This answer to this question is a flaming sword; the Octopus recoils from it, leaving only charred tentacles behind. Each person exposed to the real answer has a precious opportunity to change their world-view and escape forever from the glittering, mechanized land of dreams we call the Spectacle.

Humans were not always so destructive. We only have that impression because written history is the history of the West. What changed? How did the West de-evolve? The answer goes back to the history of ancient Greece. What was the philosopher Socrates sentenced to death for? Socrates was sentenced to death for heresy; he taught that the Immortal Principles, which could be either MEASURED, or PROVED mathematically, were above the Gods. This was the beginning of both EMPIRICISM, defined in Webster's as "the theory that sensory experience is the only source of knowledge," and the opposite but equally dangerous theory of RATIONALISM; "that reason, or intellect is the true source of knowledge, rather than the senses."

Many centuries later in Europe, a battle was fought between the SUBJECTIVE rationalists and the OBJECTIVE empiricists, and the empiricists won, thanks to the fancy footwork of a German philosopher named Immanuel Kant. The logical consequence of empiricism was MATERIALISM, "the doctrine that matter is the only reality and that everything in the world, including thought, will, and feeling can be explained only in terms of matter." Sound familiar? That's what they were teaching you in school: Science can explain everything! From materialism, it was a short step to EXISTENTIALISM, the belief "that each man exists as an individual in a purposeless universe, and that he must oppose his hostile environment through the exercise of his free will." Existentialism is the FOUNDATION of the Spectacle.

Humans are destroying the Earth because they believe that nothing matters.

Welcome to the age of Moloch, whose name is the MIND. Now that the universe is purposeless, why NOT take as much as you want, of whatever you want, by any means necessary? America was founded to guarantee its citizens unlimited wealth and power, if they are violent and ruthless enough to take it. This is MACHIAVELLIANISM, "political cunning and duplicity, intended to favor arbitrary power." Nixon called it REALPOLITIK: Power before ideals.

In the towers of the mighty trans-national corporations that control the Spectacle, our leaders sit in conference rooms, buying and selling the Earth's resources. Are they so different from us? We also buy and sell the Earth's resources, on a smaller scale. But deep down inside, in the darkness of our hearts, each one of us feels a nagging emptiness, an uneasiness. With each new purchase we hope to conquer it, but somehow it always returns. The television drives it away for a while, but it waits patiently. The drugs remove the pain, but not the fear. What is this presence, this shadow that follows us? What are we secretly afraid of? What is the worst thing we can really imagine?

Go to the library, and look at pictures of Native Americans from the turn of the century. Look deeply, and you will see in their eyes, and in their faces, that they were ONE with the Earth. Their world was ALIVE with SPIRIT. Humans are indeed different from any other animal on Earth. We are the EYES OF THE WORLD! What does this mean? Imagine it literally, the stones and water and trees physically seeing through our eyes. We are the CROWN OF CREATION, chosen, not to rule over the Earth, but to SERVE the Earth. We are incarnated as the physical manifestation of pure consciousness; Gods and Goddesses, each and every one of us. This is what the human spirit was created for. The Earth is our responsibility, our destiny, and our sacred purpose.

The thing we fear most is the knowledge that we have failed our purpose.

Phaedrus remembered a line from Thoreau: "You never gain something but that you lose something." And now he began to see for the first time the unbelievable magnitude of what man, when he gained power to understand and rule the world in terms of dialectic truths, had lost. He had built empires of scientific capability to manipulate the phenomena of nature into enormous manifestations of his own dreams of power and wealth--but for this he had exchanged an empire of understanding of equal magnitude: an understanding of what it is to be a part of the world, and not an enemy of it.

-Robert Pirsig

Just as in the body, eye and ear develop as organs of perception, as senses for bodily processes, so does a man develop in himself soul and spiritual organs of perception through which the soul and spiritual worlds are opened to him. For those who do not have such higher senses, these worlds are dark and silent, just as the bodily world is dark and silent for those without eyes and ears.

-Rudolph Steiner

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