Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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Chris Korda 3-11-2002

He was kicked off the Lowlands line-up for his ideologies and his video-clip 'I Like to Watch', in which he combines clips of the WTC disaster with hardcore porn and sport matches, but when he was playing in Paradiso, last Wednesday, the media had gathered with all its strength, for 1 man; Chris Korda.

There were cameras everywhere, press photographers all over the place. Needless to say the media was interested in this man, who always appears in public in female clothes. Why? The man is a minister for the 'Church of Euthanasia', which preaches euthanasia, sodomy, cannibalism, anal sex and suicide, plus he would show his controversial clip 'I Like to Watch'.

Shortly after 9 he started his set, which existed out of separate different live electro tracks, varying from deep and melodic and to some up-tempo techno tracks. His 1 hour set was supported by (unreleased) video clips that were taking during protest marches of his 'Church', where people were holding signs with slogans like "Save the Planet, Kill Yourself" (which is the title of his 1st track he did on Gigolo Records, GIG 05), "Sperm free cunts for the earth" and "Eat a queer fetus for Jesus". Unfortunately the footage didn't cover the entire hour so it was on repeat, which got pretty boring. In the middle of his set, you'd hear fragments of his track 'I Like to Watch' so cameras were focused, because the track was expected, but they had to wait until after his set, before the clip was played. Almost instantly after his set, the wait was over for all the camera teams and photographers. Photos were shot of the screen showing the clip and cameras captured the entire clip. After the clip Chris took the mic and commented: "I'm a sick bastard. Now everybody knows. Someone shouted "Play on". And with just a Ok, Chris went back to play some more tunes.

You think Dutch people can take it all, but there were still some ladies, who couldn't stand the clip and left for the lobby. It's remarkable to see that there was more media attention than actual visitors. About 250 people were present during his set, and 10 of them were actually paying visitors.

A lot of them came for the press conference, which would be held afterwards, since he didn't want to do any interviews. At first it would be private, but Paradiso decided to throw it open for all, and so about 60 people gathered in the small basement, in front of the elevator, with Chris Korda sitting there, being surprised about the number of people that had showed. Some journalists came totally unprepared asking about the ideas of the Church (you should have done your homework and read the website), and after some unnecessary questions he pointed out, he was very serious and this should not be considered as a joke.

During the time the video clip was released (which had over 200.000 downloads in just the first two weeks), Chris received death threats and was afraid for people breaking into his house and therefore necessary arrangements were made (he didn't reveal which arrangements). He looked pretty cool when he told the press about this, but he assured them he was terrified.

Since the Church preaches suicide, somebody asked him if he actually helped somebody die, and when he confirmed you could see all the reporters thinking… He also has thought about committing suicide himself, but he didn't do it yet because he wants to finish his life work, a bible for his Church.

"The Church is not there to persuade people to commit suicide, it wants to reach out to people who think that human mankind is doing a major crime to the earth. Man think they rule the earth, but in fact they're nothing more that some evolved monkeys, running around on the face of the earth."

He's being interrupted when a cell phone rings from one of the sound engineers, who's holding a microphone in front of him. As she tries to turn it off he continues: "These are scary, frightening times. Every minute species extinct, so their genetics will be deleted of the earth. It's like a holocaust, accelerated through industrial evolution.

The earth is not for humans, we're anti-life, since we kill the environment. Mankind should be pro evolution, but if we're incapable, then we shouldn't be here."

When he's asked about the commotion about releasing the track, he held up the first copy of the track, which attracted a positive roar from the crowd. He explained he had some trouble in finding a printer who would do the job, but he finally succeeded in Belgium, because "those Belgians do anything for money." The 3 people who came with me, are from Belgium and roared by hearing him 'complimenting' their country.

And so we ended a very interesting Wednesday night, leaving Paradiso even earlier then we normally would enter.

Text: Beee
Photos: Lieven
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