Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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Rev. Chris Korda will make another tour of Germany this summer, this time performing a set of live techno, including tracks from the new Church of Euthanasia EP "Sex Is Good." The four-song 12" EP was released on June 19, by DJ Hell's "International Gigolo" label, which also released Korda's club classic "Save The Planet, Kill Yourself" last summer. The EP will be distributed in the US by Dutch East, release number "Gigolo 13". The tour schedule so far is as follows:

July 12: Gigolo Night at Club WMF / Berlin (Love Parade)

August 1: Club Ultraschall / Munich

August 7/8: Futura Festival in Sarajevo / Bosnia

August 15: Gigolo Night at Club Rhenania / Cologne (Pop-Kom)

For more up-to-date information about the tour, please contact Disko B/Gigolo booking:

Disko B/Gigolo
Lindwurmstr 71 RGB
D-80337 Munich

voice: (011 49) 89 5438-231    or -232
fax:   (011 49) 89 5438-441
Marilyn and I are heading for Logan Airport with six bags including 150 pounds of electronics. We're scheduled to arrive in Frankfurt at the crack of dawn, where we'll rent a car and drive to Munich. For someone who campaigned on behalf of the Unabomber, I sure am relying on technology at this moment.
I'm in the Disko-B office in Munich, and it's pretty quiet except for the construction outside. Berlin was unbelievable, one million people in the park for the "Love Parade", all the usual rave crapola, jester hats, hippy stuff, etc. This year the official slogan was "One world-one future". Marilyn & Toshi and I fought our way through the crowd to get to my scheduled interview with VIVA (German MTV), after some fast talking I persuaded the bouncers to let us into the veal pen at the center where all the DJs and VIPs hang out, and then was interviewed live by this guy "Disko", who was quite cool actually, he was familiar with the CoE and sympathetic to my view of the parade. So we went on the air and first thing I did was ignore the question and recite the lyrics to "Fleshdance" (my new track) in German, as in "eat eat eat eat flesh flesh flesh flesh cow chicken pig human, what's the difference? smells good, tastes good, nice and juicy, pass the ketchup, eat human flesh eat human flesh eat human flesh kill kill kill kill." Then I suggested that the slogan for the parade should instead be "Brave New World," explained that the ravers brag about everywhere being the same, cities, music, styles, that this homogenization of culture was accompanied by an equally horrifying biological homogenization, in which diversity was being wiped out and only humans and the species they find useful would survive. Finally I spoke about mass culture and the role of media in perpetuating it, and compared the parade to rock music festivals, soccer games, and certain political rallies that took place in Germany not so long ago but I was too polite to say which ones. Right about then they pulled the plug. It turned out that the whole time I was speaking Disko's producer was screaming into his earphone, get rid of this guy, what the hell is going on, etc. The rest of the evening was spent watching the crowd and listening to techno music, mostly a bit boring until Hell did his set, which was fascinating and wonderful, though some people did not like it and even booed him, he did not play much techno at all, instead played strange rock 'n roll and party music, very cool, one track sounded like the Go-Go's though it wasn't, another was almost country western, and so the atmosphere became less fascistic, instead of everyone staring only at the center people began to relate to each other, party, not even paying attention to the music so much, so Hell spun party music and this was cool, this was what he intended, to give everyone a break from this all day boom-boom music. To be continued, I have to get off the computer now.
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