Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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Chris Korda prefers people dead

Henk Willem Smits

Groningen/Delft - The American Chris Korda is house musician, suicide consultant and 'minister' of the Church Of Euthanasia, a 'religious' group in Boston that prefers people dead.

Korda's last video, in which images of the WTC disaster and hardcore porn are used, has already caused a stir. On August 25, korda wants to show the video at his show.

The question is if it will get this far. Booking Agency MOJO (of the Lowlands festival) says it is suprised by Korda's thoughts. "He was offered to us in combination with a few other artists of the International Deejay Gigolos label in Munich", says Erik van Eerdenburg of Lowlands.

The programmer that does dance music listened to some of Korda's music and said 'yeah, put him in', without trying to learn about the man. I've just looked at Korda's website. If that is serious, we should consider cancelling Korda's show. I'm not a fan of putting these ideas across on a stage at Lowlands. "

Korda's Church Of Euthanasia has, according to their own words, about three hundred members and a few thousand sympathisers. The Church has one commandment: thou shall not reproduce, and promotes euthanism.

The website has a link to a page with suicide tips. "The balance between de number of humans and other species has been long lost", says Korda.

Something about the four pillars(?), suicide, abortion,sodomy and cannibalism. ... And that you say that if you want to commit suicide that you should do it. "There are way too many people."

In his last composition as house musician Korda sings about being sexually aroused by images of the WTC disaster. In the video (also on the website) that goes with it, images of the attacks are mixed with hard pornographic images and short cuts of sports events. Korda thinks the sports images and porn movies are just like reruns of the september 11th attacks: 'mass entertainment.'

"The endless reruns of airplanes that penetrated the towers were unmistakenly pornographic, complete with flames and pieces that came out in slow motion. The video is about the sexual attraction that the images had on me. The aspect of politicical justice of the attack, that Americans died for a change, was just an afterthought. Just as the voyeurism that's inherent to mass society.

At this moment Korda is touring Germany, where he also shows his video. "In Hamburg all hell broke loose during the viewing", Korda says a few days after the gig. "A hysterical woman climbed onto the stage and begged the technician to turn off the film. Some time after that someone threw a drink in my eyes. But apart from this incident the reactions were very positive in Europe." Apart from Hamburg the video was shown in Paris and three times in Berlin, where there was also a riot.

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