Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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by Einstein

"My favorite animal is... a tree: Ya, definitely a tree. They're the best. I hope to be reincarnated as a tree." Some people believe Chris Korda is mad. I believe he's angry. "We ask one simple thing, one thing! Don't procreate." There are no pews in the Church of Euthanasia. There is no altar or congregation. Only a message--the one commandment of the Church of Euthanasia: "Thou Shall Not Procreate." Propaganda covers the walls. Small signs are pinned to the wall: "Aim For The Chin," "Vasectomy Prevents Abortion." Praise to the Unabomber is evident. A poster hangs, showing acts of sodomy, cannibalism, abortion, and suicide--the four pillars of the Church. "We are the only pro-life religion," explains Chris, whose flawless facial skin gives him the appearance of an angel, as well as the image that Hollywood gives to a European terrorist.

Noise: How can you be pro-life when you talk of suicide and abortion?

Chris: They are forms of voluntary population reduction. The Church opposes involuntary methods, but anyone who truly values life should be trying to reduce the human population. [Membership in the church is taking a lifetime vow never to have children.] The Church is anti-human.

Noise: What about Kevorkian?

Chris: I totally support him. Actually he is going to be the first saint of the COE. I have not met him though. I prefer to admire him from afar.

Reverend Chris Korda is ashamed of being a human. Pointing his finger at the human species for the destruction of the earth's ecosystem, Chris went as far as to make a trip to Ireland to debate pro-lifers at Trinity College.

Chris: There is no balance between humans and other species. The Church of Euthanasia is dedicated to restoring balance between humans and other species, to restoring a sense of ethics.

Noise: What about, "thou shall not kill"?

Chris: That statement is not relevant to me. Killing is a part of life.

Rev. Chris Korda founded the Church of Euthanasia in 1992 after awaking from a dream in which an alien intelligence known as The Being warned Chris about the planet's failing ecosystem, and the denial of this terror by our leaders. The Being asked why the human species believes these lies. Chris woke up quietly chanting the Church's slogan, "Save the Planet--Kill Yourself." The Church eventually became tax exempt under the law, as an educational foundation.

Chris Korda was raised in New York, the son of a famous author and New York stage actress. He is the only child of two only children, both agnostic. "I'm pretty much the end of the line."

In 1985, Chris became a vegetarian for political reasons, claiming that it was "wasteful to consume meat at a time when there are more people hungry now, than any time before."

Chris: A third of the population is going to bed hungry every night. It takes ten pounds of grain to generate one pound of corn-fed beef. That's a shocking waste of food. Cows are being fed growth hormones and antibiotics. Aesthetics also played a part. It doesn't make sense to me, to eat an animal that I didn't kill. I only eat what I'm capable of killing myself. Factory farms and slaughterhouses are concentration camps for animals. We slaughter more than a billion animals a year. You either re-associate yourself with the reality of life and death, by hunting and killing and skinning the animal yourself, or you have no business eating animals.

Noise: It's been said that animals don't have the ability to reason and think. Do you agree?

Chris: The Lakota [a tribe of warriors from the Dakotas] believe that every animal has a particular strength that it depends on for survival. Our strength is the ability to reason, but that doesn't make us superior; we're inferior in many other respects. We're at a disadvantage in the wilderness. Our eyesight, our sense of smell, our ability to stay warm, are inferior to that of other animals. Many tribes believed that the animals were actually sacrificing themselves to the humans, because they felt sorry for the humans. The only way we could live is if the animals allowed themselves to be killed.

Noise: And domestication?

Chris: The Church is objecting not only to the domestication of animals, but also to the domestication of humans. [I eyeball the room and come across a sign declaring "We Are The Veal," possibly the same one that was internationally displayed during the Church's guest appearance on the Jerry Springer show.] We don't object because people are cruel to animals, we object because people are animals. In the process of domesticating our environment, or as the bible says, "subduing the earth," we have subdued the wildness in ourselves. Modern man is pathetic in comparison to his tribal ancestors! People are very sad now. They go to work and sit motionless behind desks. We have a culture of pacifism and weakness.

Noise: And what are we passive to?

Chris: We've been crushed, we've become resigned to a life in which nothing is left to chance. Elimination of freedom is the essence of technological society. Transhumanists believe that the only part of man that matters is his mind. The goal of Transhumanism is to gain total control, to reduce all things to information. The Church of Euthanasia tries to communicate with people about where our society is headed. We're not saying that we can prevent it, we just want some honesty about where we're headed. And that's a difficult message to sell, because consumer society depends on unthinking collaboration, on hiding the goal. If people really knew what the goal was, they wouldn't be so enthusiastic about it.

Noise: You don't seem to have a lot of faith in humanity.

Chris: The process of adaptation starts when you are born. Your parents immediately begin preparing you for institutionalization--in a nursery school. If you can't adapt to that first level of socialization, you won't make it! They'll put you on Ritalin! Our society clearly has architects. They are at Disney, MTV and VH-1. They are in "think tanks" and large corporations. They are in the government.

There is a moment of silence, time to reflect.

Noise: Will you be around to see a positive change?

Chris: No.

Noise: Buddhists believe that once we are born, we are dying. Does that appeal to you?

Chris: I understand that out of life comes death, and out of death comes life. Man is the only creature thus far in evolution that has tried to oppose that cycle. The most obvious example of that is Catholicism. In the technological religion, and in Catholicism we find denial of the biological... denial of the body.

Noise: What do you think of cloning?

Chris: Cloning terrifies me! I'm very sympathetic to the Unabomber. Most of his targets were directly connected to either genetics or computer science. Modern genetics wouldn't be possible without the information theory that's resulted from computer science.

I point to Chris' home-recording studio equipment that was used to spawn a top European club hit. He pauses.

Chris: I am against purity. The best tools to destroy something, are the ones it was made with. It's important for me to use the best and most expedient tools that I have at hand to accomplish my purpose.

Noise: Could you elaborate on the four pillars?

Chris: Suicide, abortion, cannibalism, and sodomy. Cannibalism is often misunderstood. There are 60,000 traffic deaths a year. We can make use of that flesh. It's not about killing someone and eating them. [Chris has not partaken in eating human flesh.] Sodomy is not simply ass-fucking. Sodomy has a long history. In the pre-Revolutionary days of the settlers, sodomy was defined as "unnatural sex." But if you dig deeper, you will discover that the real definition is "any sex not intended for procreation." We only have sex for pleasure. The pillars are in some way, an answer to Catholicism. The Catholic Church is opposed to abortion, contraception, euthanasia, and sex education, all of which we support.

Noise: Do you consider yourself anti-Catholic?

Chris: Yes, and anti-Christian as well.

Noise: Are you against all organized religion?

Chris: I like Taoism, because it's about balance. Transgenderism, which I practice, is also about balance, of the male and female polarities. I'm into biological reality. I'm into wilderness. And that's what we're losing, every minute. But back to Catholicism! These things that the Catholic Church opposes, and that the Church of Euthanasia supports, what do they all have in common? [Chris moves in closer, ready to educate, knowing that I don't have the answer that he's looking for.] They are all linked to mortality, to cycles of life and death! The Catholic Church stands for fear of the body, fear of our animalness. Hatred of the biological, and hatred of all that's wild! Hatred of pleasure! [Chris' volume comes down like a preacher from the midwest.] The Church of Euthanasia is pro-pleasure.

Noise: If there are no humans, who will spread the message of the Church?

Chris: We are not advocating complete human extinction.

Noise: Have you ever felt suicidal?

Chris: We're advocating the restoration of balance. Koyaanisqatsi--"life out of balance." "Disintegration." It's a Hopi [Native American tribe] word. Entropy! Standardization! Everything the same. Thermodynamics, a science dating back to the 1600's, dealing with the conservation of heat. Entropy is the tendency of heat or energy to dissipate, to distribute itself in space. Shifting sand in a desert has high entropy. We don't want that! Modern industrial society is very new. We need to slow down. We are headed towards maximum entropy. The sun will eventually become a red star. The miracle of life does not stop entropy, it slows it down. The Church of Euthanasia is trying to slow down the entropy. Life is negative entropy. Efficiency equals death.

Noise: Isn't media responsible for a lot of that?

Chris: Media is directly responsible for the homogenization of culture. The subliminal message of all media is that there's only one right way for people to live, the way of industrial society. Star Trek show us that thousands of years from now, we're still living this way. The Church is propaganda for diversity. There is a holocaust happening right now, the species holocaust. It is accelerating. Most people take a drive through a cornfield and think, "Isn't this nice, we're away from the city." I take a drive through a cornfield, and I think [puts on a sickly face], "this is an abomination!" Here is one genetic species going on for miles and miles. Just one genetic species! Nothing else is allowed to live here. The other species are driven away or exterminated. The land is usurped and robbed of its diversity. People should feel a sense of shame. Humans have destroyed the diversity of the earth.

Noise: What should be there?

Chris: Wilderness!

Noise: But isn't everything living, including wilderness?

Chris: No, not really, because the purpose of life--there is a purpose--the purpose of life is life. Life creates life, and makes the environment more suitable for life.

Noise: But we need life to create life, don't we? [Adjusting his black framed glasses, the reverend slides up to his computer.]

Chris: I want to read something to you. It's by Frank Herbert, the author of Dune. "The aim of life is simple: to maintain and produce coordinated patterns of greater and greater diversity. Life improves the closed system's capacity to sustain life. Life, all life, is in the service of life." That's what humans don't get. That's what we don't do. We are not in the service of life. That is where we differ from tribal people. Tribal people knew that God could never send them anything bad. That the universe was fundamentally a good place, and that the wilderness was good, and that their lives depended on it. They were in the service of it.

The Church of Euthanasia will launch a naval attack to snuff the modern world, at the WBOS Earth Day Festival, at the Hatch Shell on the Boston Esplanade, April 24th at noon.

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