Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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The Church of Euthanasia is mentioned in the current issue of Time Magazine, dated September 4, on page 64, in an article titled Hot 'Zines on the Web:

    Snuff It purports to be a "Church of Euthanasia" publication. Its motto: "Save the Earth, Kill Yourself."

Both statements are misleading, of course; Snuff It does not purport to be, but is the journal of the Church of Euthanasia, and our motto is "Save the Planet, Kill Yourself." The derogatory reference is all the more galling since the IRS granted us 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status last week. Feel free to flame the bastards (we certainly did).

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