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"Thou shalt not procreate"

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suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

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Chris Korda prepares boundary breaking LP for Perlon

Perlon is never one to shy away from new and forward-thinking musical forms and has led the way in envelope-pushing minimalism from the off. The next release from Perlon is set to push those boundaries even further with the signing of controversial artist Chris Korda and her ‘Akoko Ajeji’ LP. The 2 x 12” long player that is due for release in September of this year has taken a much more leftfield approach to producing electronic music and could in the process change perception of what is termed ‘dance music’.

Combining her skills as both a musician and computer programmer has enabled Korda to rewrite her midi sequencer to allow her to produce this body of work. As each instrumental part of each track is written in a different time signature, or meter to the next, each polyrhythm ‘slips’ into the other creating a unique pattern of sounds. Coupling this with techno and jazz forms has created a truly original piece of work and worthy of the Perlon stamp of quality.

What is even more interesting about the album is that each track title has a Yoruba meaning, Akoko Ajeji means “Strange Time” in Yoruba, chosen as “it has evocative and beautiful words for trance, music, and dancing.” To check out some of the tracks from the album head to wordandsound and if you can’t wait for the release Chris will be performing the album in full at Panorama Bar on Friday, August 2nd alongside Akufen, Maayan Nidam, Sammy Dee and Zip.

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