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"Thou shalt not procreate"

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suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

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Chris Korda Addresses Climate Change and Economic Inequality on New Perlon Album

'Apologize to the Future' LP is out on September 11.
by André Baum

Apologize to the Future is devoted to climate change, economic inequality, intergenerational injustice, antinatalism, and human extinction. Musically the style is closest to electro-rap with techno and jazz influences.

The album contains 1,200 words spread out over six tracks, all in rhyme, and focused on the pivotal issues of our time, making the album as much a political event as a cultural one. The lyrics are “scathing,” she says, and told from the point of view of future generations.

Once again, the entire album is written in complex polymeter, meaning many different odd time signatures are used simultaneously. Korda pioneered the use of complex polymeter in techno in the mid-1990s, and developed custom music composition software in order to master this technique. The vocals were sung by a robotic choir.

In 2019, Korda, one of the first transgender electronic music artists, released Akoko Ajeji on Perlon. Her earlier releases have come on Mental Groove and International DJ Gigolo in a range of styles including electro, house, techno, ambient, and jazz.

Korda has already shared “Overshoot,” the first single from Apologize To The Future. The video is a “graphic depiction of the devastation climate change will wreak upon human civilization,” Korda says. It features hand-crafted doll houses, miniature planes, and cityscapes, burning, flooding, and crashing, as humanity’s toll on the planet becomes evident. The video was directed by Amsterdam creatives Bos-Lanting.

For more information on Korda and complex polymeter, read André Baum’s long-form interview for XLR8R here.


Side 1

01. A Thin Layer Of Oily Rock
02. Changing Climate
03. Apologize To The Future

Side 2

04. Singularity
05. Overshoot
06. Exit Game

Apologize to the Future LP is out on September 11 on vinyl and digitally. You can stream “Overshoot” below and pre-order the release here.

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