Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

Snuff It #3

This Old Cervix

by Sister Catherine

Excommunicate: to expel from communion with a church; to exclude or eject from membership in or the privileges of a church by ecclesiastical authority.

In September Rev. Korda was required to perform the Church of Euthanasia's first excommunication. As we have only one commandment, there is only one reason for excommunication--pregnancy. The Rev. and I both counseled this young woman, but we were too late. We learned of her pregnancy secondhand; by this time she was already 12 weeks from conception and had received significant amounts of counseling from her therapist, counselors at organizations such as Planned Parenthood, and her friends. It seems that these caring individuals convinced her that having a child was a personal decision that would affect her own life only, and that she could be independent and raise a child.

This pregnancy might be her last chance at motherhood; she's had several previous abortions and another abortion preformed this late could have serious effects on her reproductive system. Quite obviously she's had trouble remembering to use contraceptives, but knowing that she did not want to be a mother, she had abortions. This time was different. This time the liberal do-gooders and care providers got to her. Their diagnosis was that this woman's actions prove that she wanted a baby, and since (1) this could be her last chance at having a healthy pregnancy, and (2) she is a loving and generous (albeit lonely) individual, then she should have this baby! Hooray for modern psychology. We are women of the nineties. We have every right to be as selfish as white men have been for centuries. If I can't find someone to love, I'll just create someone to love!

We find ourselves in a very sad and desperate situation. All over the world women are making life-long commitments and promises to potential humans, while many of them are incapable of committing to an already living human! Many women admit that they don't want to be mothers, but have the babies for religious, spiritual, cultural and selfish reasons. Our former Church member admitted to me that she does not want to be a single mother. But she will have and keep this baby because, get this, "It spoke to me and it wants to be born." It's about time we consider the awesome responsibilities and burdens of breeding: personally, practically, environmentally and spiritually.

Say, for example, that this young mother to be decides to raise her child with all of the advantages of a progressive society. What are the requirements for such an existence? Disposable diapers, pediatricians, Disney, day care, computers, music lessons, television, schools... you get the picture? All of this costs a lot of money, to be earned only by working a minimum of forty hours a week, either selling her soul to some big corporation or waiting on obnoxious customers in a cafe or nightclub. Providing children with the necessities of the popular American dream means that parents become slaves to the Spectacle, allowing them precious little time to personally care for, educate or even interact with their children. The Spectacle is the parent of these children. The children are raised by day care workers, school teachers and television. Children of the Spectacle grow up to be fine, strong consumers! They learn to perpetuate the dominant world view and not cause any ripples in the cesspool of "modern" society.

The young woman has insinuated that she doesn't really want herself or her child to participate in the machinations of the Spectacle. She spoke of breast feeding and shopping at the Salvation Army. I'm sure that she already recycles. But I'm afraid that's not enough. To protect a child from the influence of the Spectacle requires a lot more strength and energy than any other job I can imagine; most of us can't even protect ourselves. I can imagine what the ideal circumstances might be for raising an "un-Spectacular" child:

A safe, comfortable home in the country with organic gardens. The small town nearby has a few cooperative stores that provide the necessities for basic living. Currency is seldom used, as everyone has something to offer: from vegetables to spiritual healing, the barter system is preferred. The adults share the responsibility of caring for and educating the children. There are no formal classrooms or standardized tests; children learn by doing, talking and questioning. Neighbors know and care for each other. People offer help without being asked. They learn from all of the Earth's species and the Great Spirit how to live with compassion, for the Earth and for each other.

This scenario isn't very different from some contemporary cultures: Amish, Native American and "Dreamtime Village"-style communities. But guess what--the Amish and Native Americans are part of the Spectacle! Their communities are tourist attractions maintained by the Spectacle. They serve as examples of the less fortunate, helping to keep the workers content in their television lives, reaffirming the American Dream. It's to the benefit of the Spectacle to keep these communities alive but not allow them to grow. The children born to these communities may be lucky enough to grow up without the direct influence of consumer America, but their physical freedom is controlled by the Spectacle.

Is it possible for a mother to protect her child from the Spectacle? Maybe, but it's sure to be a damn difficult task. And even if a mother is able to protect herself and her child from the Spectacle, what about the future?

Regardless of the lifestyle a mother might choose to brainwash her child with, there is a pending revolution, armageddon, or even worse--the world may stay the same. The world is overpopulated and the planet's resources are diminishing. I for one do not want to be responsible for bringing another life into this world. I am frightened enough for my own life and the lives of those already living. Our former Church member used to share that feeling with me and took seriously our commandment: "Thou shall not procreate."

I urge everyone to reconsider their responsibility to the Earth. It is not necessary to procreate to preserve the human species. In fact the opposite is true. To preserve all life forms we must reduce the human population. The greatest gift is not life, but love and compassion. Truly loving people love unselfishly. With so many living beings, there is no need to create someone to love.

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