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Snuff It #3

Globally Responsible Birthing

by Richard M. Bowers

[Note: The following article presumes some awareness of the considerable debate over how best to measure population growth. The correct method is based on two relatively simple measurements known as the birth rate and the death rate. When the birth rate equals the death rate for a given period of time, the result is described as zero population growth. Unfortunately, the most widely publicized method is a dubious statistic known as "replacement level fertility," A.K.A. the "two-birth average." The main problem with this method is that babies born this year are not "replacing" their parents! Unless the parents kill themselves immediately after birthing, their babies are "replacing" random dead people who were born seventy years ago (on average), when the population was much lower. According to this method, the US birth rate has been below replacement level since 1972, theoretically resulting in negative population growth, when in fact, births have exceeded deaths every year since then. There were 1,693,000 more births than deaths in the United States in 1994. (H&HS)

Richard M. Bowers was well aware of all this when he founded ZPG, Inc. in 1968; in 1970 he voted for ZPG to publicly advocate one birth per couple, instead of the more politically acceptable two. This ultimately led to his removal from the board by the "go-slowers."]

Dear Fellow Birth Elimination Advocates,

As with you folks I advocate no one birth, at least for NOW! i.e. while on earth there continue to be more births than the number of deaths. Since I fear it will be more than a decade before earth births are even close to (say only a couple million more than) deaths per year, I am not primarily interested in thinking or writing about what to do after earth births finally become fewer than deaths. I fear earth births even well after 2020 will still be millions more than the number of global deaths. Our GRB time-goal is to reduce earth births below deaths by 2003. Of course that is NOT a prediction of when such will take place; but only our "goal."

You folks use our no longer applicable name of zero birthing NOW! A year or so ago zbN! changed its name to GRB standing for Globally Responsible Birthing. Please make that correction. But if you do not I suspect for a while, at least, the PO locally will deliver our mail, even if not addressed to GRB, as is best.

Your issue # 2 came recently. I must say that it does seem to me that your energies and talents could be better used to help reduce births all over earth by changes in your tactics. But who am I to tell you folks what will be best? I certainly agree with your goal. With you, I and GRB as an organization share the belief that nothing is as important as having less birthing all over earth. Down to below a million Homo sapiens births per year? Why that many?

As much as I would like to join you folks in urging only voluntary methods to have less birthing, I, personally, back govt coercion, as in China, to force less birthing faster than what has happened here in the US and all over earth when only voluntary methods have been promoted and used. When I was in charge of ZPG Inc. back in 1968 and much of 1969, as its Founder, I went along with the majority of the board who were voluntarists. I now believe that was THE VERY WORST mistake of all my long life. I regret I did not go along with Garrett Hardin and another ZPG Inc. director who urged ZPG Inc. not to publicly disavow coercion.

GRB, the organization has not yet approved coercion. At our 2nd annual meeting at our place here in the western foothills of the Catskill Mountains (which will be a Saturday in July 1995) I will introduce a proposal to have GRB endorse govt coercion. If my views are adopted by GRB, there may be both compulsory abortions and compulsory sterilizations; but mostly forced sterilizations for both the mother and the father who birth. Enclosed is a memo of my thoughts. Come join us then.

Enclosed also is a memo about compulsory abortions in China. If you folks have not read and studied some the book A Mother's Ordeal I urge you to buy a copy (it is in paper for just over a dozen bucks) and read it. The author is biased against birth control; but skip that and think about how these measures and more are needed NOW! all over earth...

We can and MUST get US births down below deaths quickly. Why not before this century ends? The early 1970's reductions of US births were not expected by anyone (certainly not by me) when I started ZPG Inc. in 1968. The commercial powers that be in our nation then managed to shut off what was happening. This time, when (not 'if', but when) we get momentum I will do my best to see that go-slow types do not infiltrate, as they did into ZPG Inc. in the 1970's, in part at my invitation. We will have less & less births globally.

The best "gift" anyone can give to humankind is to remain birth-free. It is a SIN for any person to birth while earth births exceed deaths. For what purpose would the world need more than 50,000 new Homo sapiens every year?

-Richard M. Bowers

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