Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

Snuff It #2

This Old Cervix

by Sister Catherine

No breeding. If I have to explain this concept to another friend or relative I will vomit. I have been attacked by my breeding cousin. I have even been attacked by my gay friends, individuals who agree with the pillars of the church, but not the commandment. The thought of bringing another human life into existence to feed from the earth terrifies me. The condition and quality of life on this planet should convince anyone that procreation is a bad idea. Pregnant women should be racing to the abortion clinic, or even better, to the pharmacy for an RU-486 pill. No such luck. Many believe that it's okay for some of us to have children, and that America should impose birth regulations (mass sterilization, forced contraception) on welfare and low-income families and poverty-stricken nations. Wrong! Americans should reduce their population, because they consume so much more than everyone else! Why is this so difficult to understand?

When people try to defend their reasons for becoming parents, the hypocrisy and absurdity are most interesting. Babies and children are one of the largest consumer groups in America. Diapers, formulas, toys, and children's clothes flood the malls and advertising. Children's books and television programs like Barney and Sesame Street are huge industries. Raising a child in typical American-dream fashion requires a fortune in resources, and the results are ghastly. The children become competitive and greedy; as adults they are selfish, unhappy workers trying to keep up with the Jones's. Few enough adults manage to climb out of the cesspool of western consumer society. Children are unable to save themselves; they must be protected from the American world-view and guided into a balanced relationship with the earth.

Animals learn by example. They watch and assimilate the behavior of their parents. People also learn by example. They watch and assimilate the behavior of their televisions. Each person who refuses to create more consumers sets an alternative example. If the planet is going to survive, it needs a chance to heal, to recover from the damage we have caused. The most important action any one individual can take to help save the planet is to stop breeding.

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