Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

Snuff It #2

Cross-Dressings For A
Cannibalized God

by Raven Drake

To dress means 1) to clothe and adorn 2) to strip, whip, and scold, hence to redress: to strike a balance, make equal; share and share alike - (humans striking a balance with the earth; men sharing duties, tasks and clothes with women, etc.) "atonement" 3) to garnish food 4) to heal or bandage wounds 5) all of the above...

The transfer of "god-power"/"soul-substance" through devouring the body and the blood of the god-victim is alive and well in the Christian rite of transubstantiation. Christians claim by this doctrine that the bread and wine of the eucharist is entirely transformed into Jesus's flesh and blood. The martyred Christ repeated the claim: "Who so eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood hath eternal life." Like the Greek god Dionysus, god of wine, ecstacy and madness, Jesus had the role of the dismembered divine son-lover who suffers death and is resurrected. Dionysus, not unlike Jesus, was described as "man-womanish" and called the womanly one.

In order to be "born again," something he hysterically longed for yet dreaded, the long-haired Jesus had to "get inside" the earth mother's unclean body via the torture cross (both Bride-escort and phallic bridge to the heavens and the underworld) which was constructed from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the ultimate symbol of the transgendered trickster's treacherous truth. Once eaten by "Terra Mata" or nailed to her tree, he was resurrected soon after. Obviously the Crucifixion represented a kind of "male menstruation" through ritual castration, a sort of sadomasochistic "love-death orgy," or more specifically the sacred hex necessarily put on all hermaphroditic or transexed gods.

In regard to such nasty "habits" as eating and giving birth, we can't make too much of a distinction between the reproductive and digestive systems of either Terra Mata or the transgendered god because in this case "reproduction" occurs through a kind of reincarnational "death into life" magic. From tomb to womb and back again, it is more aptly called "cannibalistic engulfment," and it brings to mind the "Medusa-like" Hag Queen from India known as Kali, who squats over her dead/dying lover Shiva and devours his phallus and entrails with her Vagina Dentata.

One of the major reasons why men often fear abortion so much, the Vagina Dentata represents the end of male mono-gender mating and of course the end of the false Christian trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Lacking vaginas, many gods gave birth through their mouths, or from their heads, thighs, ears, or armpits. Some even managed to become pregnant by eating a rival's penis. Men wanted to preserve at any price the notion that a male could give birth without the need of a woman. Since a man's semen conveyed his soul to a fetus, if the fetus were destroyed then surely the man himself would suffer spiritual injury, hence he outlawed abortion, not because it was dangerous to women, but because it was thought dangerous to men. This is a symptom of the famous "fetal identification syndrome," the masculine identification with fetal tissue resulting from male dread that men "live" by connecting themselves to women, and to "Mother Earth" as forever fetal/fatal inhabitors, possessors, and parasites.

"Terra Mata" however is a law unto herself! She represents the planet's ecosystem in perfect harmony, and if she has to harm in order to harmonize - so be it! She coordinates a web of relationships that at times may be hostile, but they are also essentially complimentary. Her cannibalized transgendered gods and aborted children share the same destiny as all living creatures. A voracious, unbiased womb-mouth feeding upon old forms and giving life to new forms, she went to war with and made love to all the "hunted hunters" and "overpopulating consumers" - Those humans who arrogantly take more than she can give. She is an ecologically conscientious Cannibal Queen who not unlike Nemesis, the Retributive Avenger, demands reciprocal exchange between herself and those who inhabit her body. She will maintain this life/death balance at all costs!

1. Yahweh/Jehovah/Jesus originally meant Hovah/Hawwah - "Mother of all Living." Her name implied cosmic laughter and the incomprehensible speech of the sacred trickster, but invoked the ultimate question/cause, "How?" implying there is an undecodable method to her madness. (back)

2. Mother Earth. (back)

3. [Pussy teeth. Ed.] (back)

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