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"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

Snuff It #3

Is Something Better Than Nothing?

by R7

This question came up, in a conversation the other day, when someone made the time-worn statement--"Something is better than nothing." I had to wonder though, is something really better than nothing?

I would submit, that more likely than not, nothing is a whole lot better than something in a great many instances. For example, you are in a fire-fight and catching bullets with your chest, but the guy next to you doesn't get hit at all. So what's better, something or nothing? Bullets ripping into my flesh is something I can do without, therefore, I would rather have nothing.

Taking a much wider perspective, in considering this sadly beleaguered planet, let's see what conclusions can be drawn. Is it better for Earth to be plagued with a species that utterly disregards the environment it inhabits and, in the throes of a totally insane lust for power and money, pollutes the land, air and water of the planet with any bizarre and, in most cases, completely unnecessary waste it can come up with? Which is certainly something! Or, would Earth be better off with no humans at all? Which is nothing. After a careful weighing of the evidence, a prima facie case is made for nothing, particularly, from a planetary and/or universal perspective.

On a more personal level, I was in court not too long ago, or rather in the bullpens attached thereto, when a young friend of mine received, via the grace of the court, a gift of a 20 - 30 year prison sentence for the delivery of cocaine he never even delivered. Now that's something! And, I am quite sure, he would rather have received nothing, no matter how graciously it was given! At this point, it should be crystal clear that nothing is far, far better than something. In fact, nothing sounds way cool to me. It sounds like no rules, no laws, no fools, no police, no schools, no courts, no wait, no taxes, no state--NOTHING!!!

Now you might, after reading my argument for nothing, ask how this gracious blessing, which is nothing, can be achieved and you might not, but I'm going to tell you anyhow. You can achieve the ultimate nothing by doing something: "SAVE THE PLANET--KILL YOURSELF."

I feel nothing.
That's why I sing this song.
I feel nothing.
Nothing all day long.

I live in a city.
I was born in one too.
I live in a city.
What else can I do?

I work in an office.
Everyone looks the same.
I work in an office.
I can spell my name.

-The Oracles, "Nothing"

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