Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

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  • ??/??/92 The first CoE DADA event takes place in Harvard Square. The local skinheads are not amused.
  • 07/15/92 Rev. Korda manages to get on the floor of the Democratic Convention and sell hundreds of "Save the Planet--Kill Yourself" stickers to the assembled political junkies.
  • 04/15/93 Observed stickering a cruiser, Rev. Korda straps on knee pads and shows the Somerville police a good time.
  • 04/30/93 The CoE joins a local anti-vivisection march, and is finally persuaded to leave, but not before the "Kill Your Fetus Not Your Pet" sign makes its debut.
  • 09/01/93 Rev. Korda's "Demons in My Head" CD is released on Kevorkian Records.
  • 09/13/93 A 10'x10' "Save the Planet--Kill Yourself" banner is attached to a billboard on the Massachusetts Turnpike.
  • 03/25/94 The CoE is incorporated in the state of Delaware.
  • 04/29/94 Rev. Korda's "Save the Planet, Kill Yourself" EP is released on Kevorkian Records.
  • 06/01/94 Issue #1 of the CoE journal "Snuff It" is mailed.
  • 09/10/94 The CoE joins the first--and last--Boston Population Awareness Day rally on the Boston Common, with the "The Being" and a huge RU-486 tablet in tow. ZPG calls the cops, and the CoE is ejected.
  • 10/15/94 "Snuff It" #2 is mailed.
  • 10/20/94 Rev. Korda appears in the Safe Sex Fashion Show, wearing a mini-skirt and top crafted by Sister Catherine out of bubble-wrap.
  • 12/31/94 The CoE successfully infiltrates the official Boston "First Night" parade: props include a "meat stick" and the Ark of Materialism.
  • 03/??/95 Pastor Scott persuades Rev. Korda and company to get the CoE's "four pillars" tatooed on their shoulders.
  • 03/01/95 Volume I of the CoE E-sermons is mailed.
  • 05/20/95 The CoE rents a booth at the four-day National Stationary Show, held in Javits Center, NYC.
  • 07/19/95 A supermarket billboard featuring plastic-wrapped vegetables is modified to say "Wrapped in Plastic."
  • 08/22/95 The IRS awards the CoE 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
  • 09/23/95 The CoE takes a table at the Hemp Rally on the Boston Common.
  • 10/??/95 The first service is held in the new CoE chapel, painstakingly constructed in Sister Catherine's basement.
  • 12/01/95 The Suicide Assistance Hotline billboard goes up in Dorchester, but the hotline is blocked by the telephone company's lawyers.
  • 12/19/95 "Snuff It" #3 is mailed.
  • 02/17/96 Lydia Eccles leads Unabomber supporters at the New Hampshire Primary, while Vermin Supreme organizes a tour of the victory/defeat parties.
  • 03/01/96 Rev. Korda and others deploy a 25'x10' GOP Swastika banner at a Boston polling station on primary day. Rev. Korda claims to be a Buchanan supporter, and punches are thrown.
  • 07/04/96 Rev. Korda holds the CoE annual meeting at the National Rainbow Gathering in Missouri.
  • 07/27/96 The CoE takes a table at the Fetish Flea Market. After discovering that proceeds benefit the National Leather Association, Rev. Korda swears vengeance.
  • 08/01/96 A billboard featuring the quote "Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions" is modified sodomitically.
  • 08/26/96 Lydia Eccles takes Rev. Korda and America Hoffman on a Unapack field trip to the Chicago Democratic Convention. Rev. Korda visits CoE notables Deacon Kelly and $t @ndrew.
  • 08/30/96 Rev. Korda makes a pilgrimage to Gary, Indiana to pray in front of the steel mills and refineries, and is repeatedly harrassed by rent-a-cops.
  • 09/07/96 The CoE kicks off its pro-abortion activities with a visibility at Repro clinic. The German magazine Der Spiegel is there.
  • 09/14/96 Rev. Korda leads a head-on confrontation with hundreds of pro-lifers in front of Preterm Clinic, where the "Eat A Queer Fetus For Jesus" banner makes its first appearance.
  • 09/21/96 The CoE takes a table at the Hemp Rally again, and faces heckling from suburban thugs.
  • 10/15/96 The CoE and the Pedophile Priests for Life mingle with hard-core pro-life demonstrators in front of Gynecare Clinic. Props include a crucified inflatable sex doll and life-size drawings of naked boys.
  • 11/15/96 The Revolving Museum in South Boston hosts a show of "difficult art," including Unapack, the CoE, and Jay Critchley. The show is later vandalized by a disgusted tenant.
  • 02/20/97 Snuff It #4 is mailed.
  • 03/17/97 Rev. Korda flies to San Francisco to be taped for the PBS show "Internet Cafe," stays with soon-to-be Cardinal Paley, and makes a detour to San Jose to meet Satanic Outreach director Boboroshi.
  • 04/13/97 The CoE holds a ceremony on the Boston Common to honor the members of Heaven's Gate. Thirty-nine earthworms are released from individual containers, and grapes are crushed to symbolize castration.
  • 04/26/97 Hordes of baby-toting yuppies turn out for an "Earthfest" rock concert on the Esplanade, where they are taunted by a small but vocal CoE contingent holding a huge "Thank You For Not Breeding" banner.
  • 05/03/97 The CoE launches a surprise attack on a local sperm bank, deploying a 15-foot-tall bright pink penis. The bank refuses to release their sperm, and the CoE is forced to slaughter sperm on the front steps.
  • 05/11/97 One of those annoying milk-moustache billboards is re-captioned "Sperm."
  • 06/12/97 The CoE flies to Chicago to be taped for the Jerry Springer show. Highlights include fetus eating and an oral sex demonstration.
  • 06/27/97 A Christian billboard is modified to read "If you're looking for a sign from God, kill yourself."
  • 06/27/97 The "Save the Planet, Kill Yourself" EP is re-released by International Gigolo records in Germany.
  • 07/19/97 CoE members join clown Rich Mackin for a demonstration in front of the brand-new Niketown. Vermin gets himself arrested for trespassing.
  • 07/26/97 The CoE returns to the Fetish Flea Market with Vermin Supreme and a live goat. A necrophilia raffle is held, and the police eject the goat just before the lucky winner returns to slaughter and fuck it.
  • 08/11/97 A heavily sanitized Jerry Springer show is aired, under the title "I want to join a suicide cult." Pastor Kim's rant makes "Talk Soup."
  • 08/16/97 International Gigolo flies Rev. Korda to Colgone for Europe's largest music convention, "Popkom." Rev. Korda appears at club Apollo, and surprises everyone by playing electric guitar and singing.
  • 08/17/97 Rev. Korda addresses a group of German Dadaists at a cafe in Bochum.
  • 08/23/97 Rev. Korda's performance is repeated at the Gigolo's home base, club Ultraschall in Munich.
  • 09/13/97 Blindfold Cannibal Taste Tests are held in front of local supermarkets. Human meat is served, and CoE members are turned on a specially constructed rotisserie.
  • 09/16/97 Rev. Korda and Cardinal Paley appear at a Jerry Springer screening party in NYC.
  • 09/20/97 The CoE takes a table at the Hemp Rally for a third year. This time homophobic rowdies pelt the CoE with bottles, and a riot is narrowly avoided.
  • 10/05/97 The CoE attempts to join the annual Walk For Life around the Boston Common, and is rebuffed by an enraged Parks Commissioner, who is videotaped strangling a photographer with his camera strap. The Fetus Barbecue is held in exile on Boylston Street.
  • 10/18/97 The fun squad returns to Niketown for more consumer education.
  • 10/27/97 Pagan Kennedy invites Rev. Korda to speak at Borders Books.
  • 11/04/97 Pagan Kennedy invites Rev. Korda to speak again, at Booksmith.
  • 02/28/98 The "Vanishing Point" rave is held at the CoE chapel, and Rev. Korda debuts a live techno set.
  • 03/21/98 Rev. Korda returns to Munich to perform live techno at club Ultraschall.
  • 04/19/98 The CoE takes a table at Rich Mackin's Beantown Zine Fair, and Fetus Candles are sold for the first time.
  • 04/25/98 Outnumbered by sausage vendors at the 1998 Earthfest, CoE members parade through the crowd and offend nearly everyone before the police finally catch on.
  • 06/20/98 The CoE's "Sex Is Good" rave in Chinatown is a huge hit despite unpleasantness at the door.
  • 07/12/98 Rev. Korda performs in Berlin during the Love Parade, kicking off a six-week tour with appearances in Munich, Ulm, Sarajevo and Cologne.
  • 10/27/98 Rev. Korda participates in a euthanasia debate held by the Law Society at Trinity College in Dublin. Opponents include a pro-life high court judge.
  • 12/02/98 Rev. Korda returns to Germany to mix and master the CD "Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong" and perform in Munich on New Year's Eve.
  • 03/01/99 Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong, the long-awaited album from Chris Korda & the Church of Euthanasia, is finally released. The 72-minute CD contains twelve tracks of electronic dance music, including the club classic Save The Planet, Kill Yourself.
  • 04/24/99 The CoE makes a surprise naval attack on the Earthfest, using a home-made raft, complete with a show-stopping sound system.
  • 06/29/99 The Church of Euthanasia Summer Tour opens with an anti-hippie breeder action at the National Rainbow Gathering in Ridgeway PA, followed by musical performances in Berlin, Hamburg, Ravensburg, and Munich.
  • 09/04/99 Rev. Korda performs live in Barcelona, at Club Nitsa.
  • 10/12/99 Rev. Korda performs live in Charlestown, at Circle.
  • 10/23/99 Rev. Korda performs live in Boston, at Hibernia.
  • 11/19/99 The CoE Autumn German Tour opens in Frankfurt, followed by appearances in Dusseldorf, Munich, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf again.
  • 03/26/00 Thousands of leftists stage a puppet-show/protest against Boston's "Bio 2000" biotechnology conference. Forty CoE members counter-demonstrate in favor of biotech, as a means of human extinction, and are violently suppressed by leftists. Rev. Korda is assaulted while taunting the leftists and barely escapes a trip to the hospital.
  • 03/08/01 Rev. Chrissy performs live at Club Morocco in Buenos Aires.
  • 06/16/01 Rev. Chrissy performs live at the Sonar music festival, in Barcelona, Spain. CoE video footage from Lydia Eccles is projected on giant screens during the performance.
  • 06/27/01 The CoE kicks off a three-month exhibit at the Centre D'Art de Santa Monica, in Barcelona, Spain, with a Dada action in the middle of Las Ramblas. The afternoon tourists are stunned.
  • 07/27/01 Elements of the Church installation at the Centre D'Art de Santa Monica are censored by the museum. The curators threaten to remove the show, and after a major flap in the spanish newspapers, the censored works are restored.
  • 12/11/01 On the three-month anniversary of 9-11, the "I Like to Watch" music video is released on the internet.
  • 12/??/01 Flag night at Gallery Oni in Boston: Lydia Eccles shows her "America is not America" slides, the CoE's "I Like to Watch" music video makes its debut, and Rev. Korda hands out American flag wet-naps.
  • 12/??/01 Kim Airs shows "I Like to Watch" at the Boston Underground Film Festival.
  • 01/18/02 The Church installation moves to Mucsarnok Kunsthalle in Budapest; Rev. Korda and Marilyn attend the opening.
  • 02/24/02 The "When It Rains" record release tour begins, with stops in Hamburg, Barcelona, Munich, Paris, and Berlin.
  • 04/29/02 Rev. Korda's "When It Rains" EP is released on Gigolo Records; better late than never.
  • 05/10/02 Rev. Korda kicks off the 2002 summer tour with two shows in Hamburg.

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