Church of Euthanasia

The One Commandment:
"Thou shalt not procreate"

The Four Pillars:
suicide · abortion
cannibalism · sodomy

Human Population:

Church Press

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12/09/13 Planet Ivy, "Suicide, abortion, cannibalism and sodomy: The four pillars of the Church of Euthanasia"

09/01/03 Spex, "Die Welt ist Nicht shön" (German)
06/08/03 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Now even committing suicide has gone online"
04/07/03 Bath Chronicle, "Suicide on the internet"
03/14/03 Batofar, "Entrevue Masquée Chris Korda" (French) (English)

11/21/02 De:bug, "Montag ist Twintower Tag" (German)
11/14/02 ANP, "Chris Korda en zijn vier gruwelijke geboden" (Dutch)
11/12/02 Het Parool, "Kip aan het kruis" (Dutch)
11/11/02 VPRO, "CDA Amsterdam wil optreden Chris Korda" (Dutch)
11/11/02 Het Parool, "Perverse Korda ontdekt de Amsterdamse grenzen" (Dutch)
11/11/02 Het Parool, "Korda kan gang gaan in Paradiso" (Dutch)
11/11/02 Underground Dance News, "Chris Korda: mensen zijn stomme apen" (Dutch)
11/08/02 ANP, "OM alert op Church of Euthanasia" (Dutch)
11/07/02 CDA, "CDA wil géén optreden van haat propagerende groepering" (Dutch)
11/06/02 VPRO, "Chris Korda treedt op, nu echt" (Dutch)
11/03/02 Dagblad van het Noorden, "Zelfmoordprediker Korda alsnog naar Nederland" (Dutch)
11/03/02 Start, "Voajerizam i tragedija 11. septembra" (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
11/02/02 ANP, "Paradiso voor een keer Euthanasie-kerk" (Dutch)
08/27/02 De:bug, "Immer Ärger mit Chrissy" (German)
08/23/02 Dagbladet Information, "Thorkild Bjørnvig - Chris Korda" (Danish)
08/20/02 Dagbladet Information, "Bag livsstilsfængslets tremmer" (Danish) (English)
07/19/02 Dagblad van het Noorden, "Chris Korda teleurgesteld in Nederland" (Dutch)
07/18/02 De Subjectivisten, "Would You Like To Watch?" (Dutch)
07/16/02 Dagblad van het Noorden, "Lowlands schrapt zelfmoordprediker" (Dutch)
07/16/02 ANP, "Lowlands schrapt 'anti-mens' artiest" (Dutch)
07/15/02 Dagblad van het Noorden, "Chris Korda ziet mensen het liefst dood" (Dutch) (English)
07/15/02 De:bug, Chris Korda darf nicht spielen (German)
07/05/02 Berliner-Zeitung, p. 11, "Was haben Sie Gegen die Menschheit?" (German)
06/29/02 Mekka, "czyli Chris Korda w Szczecinie" (Polish)
06/01/02 Têtu, p. 40, "The man of the future" (French)
06/01/02 Spex, p. 30, "Reverend Chris Korda: Strychnin und Verzweiflung" (German)
04/18/02 De:bug, "You're not allowed to watch" (German)
03/23/02 D-i-r-t-y, "Church of Euthanasia" (French)

12/20/01 Boston Phoenix, p. 7, "The pornography of terror"
10/12/01 De:bug, "Church of Euthanasia feiert WTC einsturz" (German)
09/13/01 Belio, "Chris Korda y la iglesia de la eutanasia" (Spanish)
10/01/01 Loaded, p. 130, "Church of the Poisoned Mind"
03/18/01 Pagina/12, "Para comerte mejor" (Argentina)

11/25/99 Taz Hamburg, p. 23, "Suicide Commando" (German)
11/03/99 Shovel, p. 6, "Purity Is For Losers"
11/01/99 Fetiche, p. 33, "Chris Korda" (Spanish)
08/02/99 Getting It, "Death to All Humans!"
08/01/99 De:bug, "Chris Korda & the Church of Euthanasia" (German)
07/24/99 Berliner Zeitung, "Du sollst dich nicht vermehren" (German)
07/15/99 Die Wochenzeitung, p. 17, "Danke, dass Sie hier nicht atmen" (German)
07/14/99 Jungle World, "Boring propaganda doesn't work" (German)
07/01/99 Beam Me Up, "Antisemit Superstar" (German)
07/01/99 Skug, "Chris Korda & the Church of Euthanasia" (German)
07/01/99 Disco 2000, "Chris Korda: Thank You For Not Breeding" (German)
07/01/99 Stop, p. 86, "Chris Korda en de Church of Euthanasia" (Dutch)
07/01/99 Magic Feet, "Euth TV"
04/05/99 New York Post, p. 8, "It might be the sickest CD ever"
04/01/99 The Noise, p. 22, "Chris Korda: The Church of Euthanasia"
03/17/99 Icon, p. 64, "The Church of Euthanasia"

11/01/98 Connection, p. 38, "Dada und Religion" (German)
10/01/98 Daily News, p. 15, "Bet he'd like to stash that youth in Asia"
04/15/98 The Realist, p. 11, "Smart Bombs"

08/01/97 Buzz, p. 1, "Chris Korda: Save The Planet--Kill Yourself" (German)
07/21/97 New York Post, p. 8, "Loonies mix it up on Springer show"
07/18/97 Executive Intelligence Review, "Prince Philip's Malthusians Launch New Age Killer Cults"
05/27/97 Boston Magazine, p. 168, "City Journal: Weird Scion"
04/21/97 Neues Deutschland, "Wer sich vermerht, fliegt raus"
04/03/97 Cambridge Chronicle, p. 3, "Euthanasia Group to Honor Deceased"
03/15/97 La Revue du Liban, "Sauvez la planète, tuez-vous!" (French)
03/01/97 The Web Magazine, p. 66, "Killing Me Softly"

12/01/96 Der Spiegel, p. 150, "Macht Liebe, nicht Babies" (German) (English)
12/01/96 Outside Magazine, p. 114, "Is Anything OK Anymore?"
11/15/96 Boston Phoenix, Arts p. 2, "Eight Days a Week"
11/01/96 Wired, p. 72, "Scans: You Are the Problem"
11/01/96 Stuff Magazine, p. 885, "The Satanic Versus"
09/24/96 Boston Tab, p. 3, "Hub Scout: I Saw the Light!"
05/13/96 New York Magazine, p. 12, "Breaking the Umbilical Korda"
05/01/96 Time Out New York, p. 97, "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch..."
04/12/96 Boston Phoenix, Styles p. 1, "The Four Pillars of Euthanism"
03/29/96 New York Post, p. 8, "Lost cause"
03/15/96 New York Post, p. 8, "Article was un-Fair, writer fumes"
03/08/96 New York Press, p. 1, "Eat Me: Rev. Chris Korda Dines for Our Sins"
03/08/96 New York Post, p. 8, "Way-off-spring"
03/07/96 New York Post, p. 8, "Weird web site of book biggie's son"
02/27/96 Village Voice, p. 18, "Fetal Attraction"
01/01/96 Boston Magazine, p. 16, "Reach Out and Kill Yourself"

11/17/95 Boston Phoenix, Styles p. 5, "Virtually childless"
09/04/95 Time, p. 64, "Hot Zines on the Web"
07/01/95 Greetings Magazine, p. 12, "20,000 Came To See 'What's New'"
01/01/95 Outside Magazine, p. 50, "...A Time to Pull the Plug"

12/01/94 Etcetera, p. 19, "An Interview with the Reverend Chris Korda"
07/16/92 Daily News, p. 34, (picture only)
07/15/92 Daily News, p. 26, "Nearly died laughing"
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